Lionel Messi doesn’t meet Sambu in Turin! The dream (at the moment) isn’t real!


Sambu’s dream won’t realized in Turin. Massimiliano Sambugaro, 43 years old, one years ago accepted Messi’s crossbar challenge; and then, he decided to walk along 400 km with one focus: a meeting with Lionel Messi.

A lot of fans, journalists and people followed Sambu’s trip but Messi doesn’t accepted to meet him before tonight match Juventus-Barcelona. This is a crucial period for Lionel Messi and, obviously, he doesn’t want to lose concentration.

But Sambu today, at the end of daily interviews with italian, spanish and english journalists, is confident: “I don’t know if today I’ll have a meeting with my hero, Lionel Messi. It’s not an easy moment for him but all of spanish journalists said me that in Barcelona they knew my story and my adventure and at the end of this period, Barcelona will invite me at “Masia”, to know Messi. I’m not sad, I’m happy today, because my message is: with passion, you can, and you have to try. And if you lose, you have to start again”.

Good luck Sambu